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Now more than ever, our children need parents to lead them. Authority that was once ascribed is more earned; popular culture and Internet and mobile technology expose and empower our children to engage in increasingly risky ideas and activities at earlier ages.


Asubscription to Banana Moments quarterly will deliver the following:


* Strategies for connecting with other parents, teachers, coaches, store and restaurant managers, video rental clerks - to establish over time a network of adults in our childrens' lives that reinforces the norms for a safe and healthy journey from childhood into adulthood.


*Insights and observations from experts about trends with youth, society and parenting.


*Real life stories and perspectives with hindsights that illustrate lessons learned and insights imperative for being effective leaders for our children leveraging the Internet and mobile communications.


*Ways to strengthen the parent-child relationship at a time when it is strained by the demands and stresses of our time.

New CA Law (SB28) Bans Texting While Driving - A very Sobering account of why your teen driver should take heed, and other responses from law enforcement and parents of teens.
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Placer County Sergeant John Weaver On Texting While Driving Ban SB28
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Joanna named Sacramento CyberSafety Examiner for
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